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Nyle Hospital – Center for Emergency Neonatal Care & Emergency Paediatric Care

NYLE Hospital for women and children is a leading super speciality at Thrissur. Hospital is having the state of the art modern equipment and infrastructure with highly trained staff and experienced doctors. Hospital is highly specialised in EMERGENCY NEONATAL CARE, EMERGENCY PAEDIATRIC CARE and OBSTRICTIC AND GYNAECOLOGY CARE. Hospital take care of new born, infants, children adolescents, maternity and adult women.

NYLE hospital aims to be the best comprehensive centre for women’s and children’s care in mid-Kerala. Our whole team is “inspired by Perfection” and our team aspires to achieve 100 per cent. Our team is under the guidance of Eminent Neonatologist and Paediatrician Dr Aloke V.R MD, DCH, DM (Neonatology)( he is the 3rd Neonatologist in Kerala to get DM neonatology degree and first person to get this degree in Thrissur). Doctor also got training from the prestigious KKH Hospital Singapore.

NYLE Hospital is having 20 bedded Level-III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and 5 bedded Paediatric Intensive Care unit (PICU). It is also having two state of the art Operation theatres attached to a fully air-conditioned 4000 sq feet Labour room complex where parents or husband can accompany mother during delivery. We have 24 x7 Emergency Department with 24 hour ambulance service, 24 laboratory, pharmacy, children’s play area and a food court.

Our Vision

Our vision is to built a world class maternal and child health care institution through total quality care, through teaching, training and research.

(മികച്ച അദ്ധ്യാപനത്തിലൂടെയും പരിശീലനത്തിലൂടെയും മൂല്യമേറിയ ചികിത്സാരീതികളിലൂടെയും ലോകോത്തര നിലവാരത്തിലുള്ള മാതൃശിശു സംരക്ഷണം കുറഞ്ഞ ചിലവിൽ ജനങ്ങൾക്കു നൽകുക എന്നതാണ് ഞങ്ങളുടെ ലക്ഷ്യം.)

Our Mission

Mission is to create an environment friendly and clean institution with total Quality care providing health care at an affordable cost. To maintain this quality we are continuously giving continuous training to our staff and doctors. We uphold our theme phrases "Nobody Heals You Better" and our whole team is "Inspired By Perfection".

(ഉയർന്ന ഗുണനിലവാരത്തിലും കുറഞ്ഞ ചിലവിലുമുള്ള സേവനം ശുചിത്വത്തോടും പരിസ്ഥിതി സൗഹാർദത്തോടും കൂടി നൽകുക എന്നതാണ് ഞങ്ങളുടെ ദൗത്യം.)

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