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Survival of a "Miracle baby" born at 22 weeks (5-1/2 months premature) at nyle hospital

Baby of Sheena is a miracle baby who survived all odds of his life and now ready to go home Pinarayi, Kannur in a healthy condition. Born at 22 wks + 4 days maturity to Mr. Satheesh and Mrs. Sheena after 14 years of infertility treatment and was only 650 gms at birth. He was conceived through ICSI on 24 October, 2017. This was a twin pregnancy and baby was delivered through LSCS on 31st March, 2018 at Nyle Hospital, Kaiparambu exactly 158 days (22 wks + 4 days) after ICSI was done. That time his lungs was so immature that he was not able to take breath, so he was continuously ventilated for 34 days and then shifted to CPAP support for next 12 days. After that baby was managed in Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). Unfortunately the 2nd twin died on the 4th postnatal day despite of all efforts.

There are several surprising facts about this baby's survival. This may be the world's first reported 22 weeks preterm survival using an open care system. Usually such extreme preterm babies will have varying degrees of Intra Ventricular Hemorrhage (Bleeding inside Brain), our baby luckily did not develop such complications. Ultrasound scan done on the 2nd day of life showed such an extreme premature brain so that it did not have any sulci and gyri (groves) pattern normally seen. MRI done at 32 wks did not show any significant abnormality. He may be the lowest gestational age baby survived in Kerala and most probably in India also.

Initially his gut was so immature to receive breast milk. So all the nutrients were given through IV line as Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). Now he is able to digest feed given through mouth. Our chief Neonatologist Dr. Aloke V R, who lead a team of doctors, Dr. Seema Vaisravanath, Dr. Ragesh Palpu and our Gynecologist Dr. Kavitha Rajesh, NICU nursing team and all other staff of Nyle Hospital, struggled hard to keep him alive and healthy. This success was only because of their 24x7 effort and prayers.

Dr. Aloke says “there were many difficult days and desperate moments during the treatment, but he was clearly determined to survive”. In all he was in NICU for 80 days (33 weeks and 3 days) and now close to 980 gms. He is in a healthy condition and now getting ready to go home Pinarayi, Kannur

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